United Concrete Products is dating back to 1954 when it was producing septic tanks and precast stairs. Products were sold mostly in the immediate Wallingford, CT area. Today, United Concrete Products is the industry leader for precast solutions in road drainage, electrical/utility vaults, water storage tanks, water quality structures, median barrier, retaining walls, (E-Z Wall, Everwall, Evergreen, Doublewal or custom designed walls), above ground fuel tanks (Convault), box culverts, arch bridges, pre-stressed piles and planks, and reinforced concrete pipes.

Our Prefabricated Building Division has been producing: Restrooms, Hazmat storage buildings, Pump Stations and Dugouts since 2001. In 2012 United Concrete Products purchased "Turn Key" precast concrete modular building system - Shelter Technologies.

The design of shelters is engineered to meet the stringent needs of the telecommunication and utility markets. Each shelter is made from 5,000 PSI steel reinforced concrete, providing maximum security, all weather protection and structural integrity. By casting the walls and roof together, it adds seamless strength that traditional panel designs cannot compete with.

Our expandable 21' wide and 12' wide series gives customers the ability to purchase a shelter for what their needs are today while giving them the option of growing for tomorrows wants. The monolithically poured walls and roof give our Micro series an added strength design that has no seams or joints.

Customers are given a choice of finishes to add aesthetic appeal to their building. All of the shelters are completely outfitted prior to delivery with customization packages that range from full electrical, heating and air conditioning to plumbing and interior finishes.

Through out the manufacturing process, Shelter Technologies conducts an extensive quality assurance program in order to meet all customer requirements including on-site delivery and operational set up. In keeping with the broadening base of users these structures have been carefully engineered to provide a wide array of expandable sizes to meet any customers needs. Our structures are designed to meet the requirements of loading of the American National Standards (ANS) "Building Code Requirements for Minimum Design Loads in Buildings and Other Structures" and the requirements for the American Concrete Institute (ACI-318-05) "Building Code Requirement for Reinforced Concrete".

Our number one commitment is to customer satisfaction. Our customers have high expectations and we meet them time and time again. Shelter Technologies combination of a dependable product and skilled sales/engineering support staff give our clients the quality, reliability and service they are looking for.

Our company continues to grow and prosper in a constantly changing market. Our ability to lead the way in innovative applications has given our company the opportunity to develop long term relationships with some of the countries largest telecommunication and utility companies. When companies are in need of reliability, service and solutions, they look to United Concrete Products - Shelter Technologies.